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Last update: 2 January 2020

Hypnosis Microphone -Division Rap Battle- (shortened as Hypnosis Mic/Hypmic) is a Japanese media franchise mostly focused on J-rap, but also now comprises of drama tracks, manga, and soon-to-be a mobile game.

This page is an eternal WIP as I work to improve its consistency, quality, and accuracy!


NEW: Hypmic music is now on international Spotify!

The world of Hypnosis Microphone


The setting

Hypmic takes place in a dystopian setting: some time into the future, women now run the government and weapons have been banned, bringing an end to war. However, a technology known as the "hypnosis microphone" has been developed, allowing words to be used as weapons. In place of using guns or other such things, violence now happens in the form of participants engaging in rap battles. Though the use of these microphones is technically illegal, these battles are still regarded as entertainment, with approved major tournaments being permitted in the governing district of Tokyo.

The characters

Hypmic focuses on 12 main characters split into 4 different groups, each representing a section of Tokyo known as their "division." The divisions are as following:

Ikebukuro Division - Buster Bros!!!

Yamada Ichiro Yamada Jiro Yamada Saburo
Yamada Ichiro
Yamada Jiro
Yamada Saburo
19, works odd jobs 17, 2nd year in high school 14, 3rd year in middle school

Song list:

Yokohama Division - MAD TRIGGER CREW

Aohitsugi Samatoki Iruma Jyuto Rio Mason Busujima
Aohitsugi Samatoki
(Mr Hardcore)
Iruma Jyuto
(45 Rabbit)
Rio Mason Busujima
(Crazy M)
25, yakuza 29, police officer 28, ex-navy

Song list:

Shibuya Division - Fling Posse

Amemura Ramuda Yumeno Gentaro Arisugawa Dice
Amemura Ramuda
(easy R)
Yumeno Gentaro
Arisugawa Dice
(Dead or Alive)
24, fashion designer 24, writer 20, gambler

Song list:

Shinjuku Division - Matenrou

Jinguji Jakurai Izanami Hifumi Kannonzaka Doppo
Jinguji Jakurai
Izanami Hifumi
Kannonzaka Doppo
35, doctor 29, host 29, office worker

Song list:

Osaka Division - Dotsuitare Honpo

Nurude Sasara Tsutsujimori Rosho Amayado Rei
Nurude Sasara
(Tragic Comedy)
Tsutsujimori Rosho
Amayado Rei
(MC MasterMind)
26, comedian 26, teacher 46, conman

Song list:

Nagoya Division - Bad Ass Temple

Harai Kuko Aimono Jyushi
Harai Kuko
(Evil Monk)
Aimono Jyushi
(14th Moon)
Amaguni Hitoya
(Heaven & Hell)
19, monk 18, visual kei musician 35, lawyer

Song list:

The Dirty Dawg (TDD)

Yamada Ichiro Aohitsugi Samatoki Amemura Ramuda Jinguji Jakurai
Yamada Ichiro Aohitsugi Samatoki Amemura Ramuda Jinguji Jakurai

2 years prior to the current time, The Dirty Dawg was a team composing of the division leaders before it fell apart.

Song list:


Aohitsugi Nemu Kadenokoji Ichijiku Tohoten Otome
Aohitsugi Nemu
Samatoki's sister
Kadenokoji Ichijiku
Assistant Prime Minister
Administrative Director General of the Police
Tohoten Otome
Prime Minister

The media

The music

Hypmic originally debuted with a song known as Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- in late 2017, which introduced the setting, divisions, and characters.

So far Hypmic has released 9 CDs. The first 4 were for each division: each CD contained 3 solo songs (one per member) and 2 drama tracks.

Buster Bros!!! Generation BAYSIDE M.T.C Matenrou -Onin Rinshou- Fling Posse -F.P.S.M-
Buster Bros!!! Generation BAYSIDE M.T.C Matenrou -Onin Rinshou- Fling Posse -F.P.S.M-
[Ichiro] Ore ga Ichiro
[Jiro] Sensenfukoku
[Saburo] New Star
[Samatoki] G-Anthem of Y-City
[Juto] Bayside Smoking Blues
[Rio] What's My Name?
[Jakurai] Labyrinth Wall
[Hifumi] Champagne Gold
[Doppo] Tiger Lily
[Ramuda] Drops
[Gentaro] Scenario Liar
[Dice] 3$EVEN

After all the division CDs were released, the next announcement came out: there was going to be a "battle season" in which the divisions faced off against eachother, and the victor would be determined by online voting. A new Division All Stars song was released to mark the occasion: Hypnosis Mic -Division Battle Anthem-

They started with 2 matchups: BBros vs MTC, then FP vs Matenrou, after which voting determined who would continue.

Each CD contained 1 "battle" song, 2 division songs, and 2 drama tracks for each division.

Buster Bros!!! VS MAD TRIGGER CREW Fling Posse VS Matenrou
Buster Bros!!! VS MAD TRIGGER CREW Fling Posse VS Matenrou
[Buster Bros!!!] Ikebukuro West Game Park
[MAD TRIGGER CREW] Yokohama Walker
[Fling Posse] Shibuya Marble Texture -PCCS-
[Matenrou] Shinjuku Style ~Don't Make Me Laugh~

The first round of battles culminated with MTC and Matenrou victorious. Obviously, they then faced off.

This CD contained 1 battle song (Death Respect, probably my fav Hypmic song) and 4 remixes of the previously-released division songs.

MAD TRIGGER CREW VS Matenrou Release: 14 November 2018
  • [Buster Bros!!!] IKEBUKURO WEST GAME PARK (Boyz Sunshine remix)
  • [MAD TRIGGER CREW] Yokohama Walker (Triple Trippin' remix)
  • [Fling Posse] Shibuya Marble Texture -PCCS- (Candy Dazed remix)
  • [Matenrou] Shinjuku Style ~Warawasu na~ (Nerve Rackin' remix)

Matenrou ended up winning the battle season (unsurprising as they're the most popular group... -_-;). However, the vote was apparently about 50-50.

Matenrou finished with a new single, which contained 1 new Matenrou song (The Champion), 1 song from The Dirty Dawg (TDD Legend), and 2 drama tracks.

The Champion Release: 27 February 2019
  • [Matenrou] The Champion
  • [The Dirty Dawg] T.D.D LEGEND
  • Drama Track: Me Against the World
  • Drama Track: Testimony

Afterwards in April 2019, a full album was released. This contained 3 Division All Stars songs (including a new one titled Hoodstar), 4 new division songs along with the 4 battle seasons ones, and TDD Legend. There was a special edition that also included 5 drama tracks, in addition to another SE that also contained blurays for the 2nd and 3rd lives.

Enter the Hypnosis Microphone Release: 24 April 2019
  • [All Stars] Hoodstar
  • [All Stars] Division Rap Battle
  • [Buster Bros!!!] Good Morning, Ikebukuro
  • [MAD TRIGGER CREW] Shinogi (Dead Pools)
  • [MAD TRIGGER CREW] Yokohama Walker
  • [Fling Posse] Stella
  • [Fling Posse] Shibuya Marble Texture -PCCS-
  • [Matenrou] Papillon
  • [Matenrou] Shinjuku Style ~Don't Make Us Laugh~
  • [The Dirty Dawg] T.D.D LEGEND
  • [All Stars] Division Battle Anthem

After a hiatus, on 4 September 2019 the theme song for the mobile game Hypnosis Mic -Alternative Rap Battle- was released.

2 new divisions were announced soon after -- Osaka Division's Dotsuitare Honpo, and Nagoya Division's Bad Ass Temple. To coincide with the introduction of new divisions, the first Hypmic song was re-released as Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- + on 26 September 2019 and included parts from both Dotsuitare Honpo and Bad Ass Temple.

Debut albums for the new divisions were soon to follow, and each contained 1 group song, 3 solo songs, and 1 drama track.

Ah, Osaka Dreamin' Night Bad Ass Temple Funky Sounds
Release: 30 October 2019 [trailer] Release: 27 November 2019 [trailer]
[Group] Ah, Osaka Dreamin' Night
[Sasara] Tragic Transistor
[Rosho] Own Stage
[Group] Bad Ass Temple Funky Sounds
[Kuko] Sougyaran BAM
[Jyushi] Moonlight Shadow
[Hitoya] One and Two, and Law

After the release of Bad Ass Temple Funky Sounds, it was announced that the 4 original divisions would be receiving new CDs under the "-Before The 2nd D.R.B-" title.

Buster Bros!!! -Before The 2nd D.R.B- MAD TRIGGER CREW Fling Posse Matenrou
Release: 25 December 2019 Release: 29 January 2020 Release: 26 February 2020 Release: 25 March 2020
[Ichiro] Break the wall
[Jiro] School of IKB
[Saburo] Requiem
[Samatoki] ???
[Juto] ???
[Rio] ???
[Ramuda] ???
[Gentaro] ???
[Dice] ???
[Jakurai] ???
[Hifumi] ???
[Doppo] ???

drama tracks

NEW: All full drama tracks are available for listening on Spotify!

Currently, the majority of Hypmic's world has been explored through drama tracks which are released on most CDs. In addition, they are usually released on Youtube as well.



Hypmic has 3 different manga series that expand on the drama tracks and lore, each focusing on different groups within the series:

I actually haven't been able to read these yet, so unforunately I can't comment too much on them.

There are currently no official translations available, but some fan translations are in progress:

Other announcements

Hypmic has grown greatly since its debut in 2017, expanding past CDs and reaching into other media like games, and stage plays. Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with any of these, and some of these (such as stage productions) remain very distant for foreign fans like myself.

Mobile game

A mobile game titled Hypnosis Mic -Alternative Rap Battle- was announced sometime in 2019, but there isn't too much known about it other than that it will have rhythm game elements, introduce new characters, have new songs, and take place in an alternate universe. The game was originally scheduled for December 2019, but has been pushed back to 2020.

Stage productions

A stage play titled Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Rule the Stage is under works. It consists of multiple parts (known as tracks) and features new music and characters. Most notably is the addition of Akabane Division "North Bastard" consisting of Kazusato Doan (an office worker), Kenei Saragi (an ex-military researcher), and Ryozan Kokuri (a swindler).

The known releases/showings are as follows:

my experience with hypmic

dice....................... *fondly touches the screen*

first contact

I was first introduced to Hypmic in late 2017 when it was first announced -- I had a few mutuals on Twitter who were interested in the premise and followed it closely, but I actually wasn't too interested myself as it centered around a ridiculous setting (sad dystopian society where men are oppressed lol), focused on male characters, and was styled around rap.

I didn't actually start getting into Hypmic until about early December, before the release of the Matenrou CD. Corrupt cop Iruma Jyuto was the first character who really caught my eye, being a glasses-wearing dipshit in a suit. I was intrigued, so I finally caved and gave the music a listen -- honestly, I wasn't blown away. I'm not a fan of rap to begin with, so I honestly didn't care for most of the songs I listened to. I enjoyed Sensenfukoku and the Division Rap Battle song, but that was about it. I was still interested though, so I made sure to give a listen when the Matenrou previews dropped.

When the Matenrou previews came out, I instantly fell in love with Hifumi and his solo song Champagne Gold. I became more interested in Hypmic thanks to Matenrou and I obsessed over Hifumi for about a month, and then... the Fling Posse CD came out. After this, I discovered Dice was my true love and man was it a downward descent from there. I did eventually come to enjoy the majority of Hypmic music after it grew on me, and I think I do have more appreciation for rap/hip-hop in general now.

Anyway, Hypmic had actually had no merch until late January/February 2018 iirc, but once they started producing it it had a lot. I became super focused on collecting Dice merch for months and months, and I spent an absolutely ungodly amount of money on merch and proxy services. Eventually (after about a year) I lost interest in merch, but in that time period I probably managed to get the majority of merch that was released. It's kinda rough to look back on, but it's also fun to see that I have quite an impressive Dice shrine lol

... yeah